Here's some information Jim Gardepe wanted to share about the solar eclipse.

These points are important for people who want to observe and/or photograph the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. These steps should be taken as soon as possible.

1. Plan your viewing location. This is a map of the total solar eclipse as it crosses KY, TN, and NC.
http://www. tn-nc.gif

2. Plan your lodging. Hotels along the eclipse path are being booked fast, and hotels are going to jack up rates nearer eclipse day. Arrival at your viewing location a day early is recommended, as traffic on eclipse day could be bad, and you need time to set up.

3. Get your leave approved NOW, as the eclipse is on a Monday.

4. Order eclipse viewing glasses. These are for direct viewing only, not for photography. They might sell out as eclipse day approaches. Everyone will need a set.
https://www. store/
https://www. glasses/

5. Order solar filters for your camera/binoculars/telescope. These are essential for photography, and there is NO SAFE work-around using ND filters or any other jury-rig.

http://www. html

https://www. filters/

6. Start practicing for the eclipse by photographing the moon, especially when the moon is high in the sky (near meridian), and when the moon is a crescent. Get used to operating your camera in the dark, as flashlights are not welcome at eclipse viewing sites.

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