March 13th, 2017 7:00pm-8:45pm at the Huntsville/Madison County Main Library. 915 Monroe St. Huntsville, Al 35801

March's presentation will be by HPS's Jim Gardepe, a psychologist with a private solo practice, who describes himself as an enthusiastic amateur photographer with a special interest in astrophotography, especially of the Moon and of total solar eclipses. Through years of capturing solar eclipses starting in 2010, he has perfected his photography by trial and error. In his own words- " To prepare for eclipse photography, I practiced by photographing the Moon. Many of the photographic methods and processing techniques used for Moon photography are similar to those used for eclipse photography, and the general skill of handling a camera efficiently in the dark is essential to both. I have come to love learning about our companion satellite through photography. I am in constant pursuit of greater detail in my lunar images". His discussion on moon photography will answer some of the challenges of moon photography, describe the workflow used in processing moon photos, a presentation on freeware that can be used to bring out remarkable detail in moon photos, and suggest some ways to get interesting images. The section on photographing eclipses will discuss how techniques used to photograph the moon can be adapted to the unique circumstances of total solar eclipses. He will also present an online library of resources that photographers can use to plan for photographing the "Great American Eclipse" of 2017.

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