January Program– Natural Wonders of Costa Rica by Tom Bryant

HPS Jan 2013 NewsletterIn February 2012, Tom and Carole Bryant and 18 friends took a 2-week Road Scholar tour of Costa Rica. This program will be a ProShow slide show of this trip with music and narration. Costa Rica connects North and South America through a narrow strip of land so the landmass, encompassing only .03% of the earth’s surface, contains 5% of earth’s biodiversity — a density that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Its thick forests, vast wetlands, and misty mountains teem with life. See images of the wetlands of both the Pacific Ocean side and the Caribbean Sea side, rainforests and cloud forests, mountains and volcanoes. See images of blue morpho butterflies, scarlet macaws, poison dart frogs, and more. Also see zip lining and white water rafting adventures. Tom is a retired rocket engineer, so like many Huntsvillians (including our own Mike Lyon) he can wear the t-shirt saying he really is a rocket scientist.  He has been shooting snapshots for many years, and maybe after enough years in HPS he can become a real photographer. He began more years ago than he wants to admit with an Argus C4 rangefinder 35 mm camera from  pawn shop, which sported an f./2.8 lens and a focus patch in the rangefinder.  Tom wishes he had it back, in this day of “retro look” cameras. It was stylish and would fit right in. Today he uses a Canon 60D DSLR and also a Canon pointt and-shoot for a hiking/bicycling camera. Besides the trip to Costa Rica, Tom’s photographic highlights of the year were the Ansel Adams Photo Caravan that he attended with HPS members Joy Henderson and Henry Smith, and Cliff Loehr’s “Painting With Light” workshop.  Tom has been an HPS member for five years and is a Silver Fellow. Being one point shy of Gold Star Fellow, he hopes to attain that rank this year.

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