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Judges Corner

Every month we have an opportunity to place our best work in front of some of the best and brightest professionals in the Huntsville area.  Our judges volunteer their time and are typically local-area folks who live, breath and work in the photography or arts triad.  

We are challenged with a new photo category every month, and gain a lot just by seeing how other HPS members have chosen to shot the same topic.  But the depth of insight gained by the judging process provides insight and honest feedback we can't get anywhere else. 

This page is dedicated to the judges at HPS who have chosen to set in front of us and critique our most prized works. We understand it can feel stressful, but we honestly look forward to your comments and personal opinions.


Charles_Seifried.jpgCharles Seifried

Judge: April 2014

Website: http://charlesseifriedphotography.zenfolio.com

Charles has been doing photography for over 38 years and commercially for 30 years. His work has been seen in Cooking LIght, The Economist, Business Week, Wall street Journal, USA Today, Home and Garden, Outside, Backpacker, Wildsouth, The Bankhead Monitor, Seakayaker, NYTimes, and many more publications. He has worked for years in Tourism and Travel for both Alabama and the state of Tennessee.

He also has several books that have been published on the state of Alabama...six in total....Alabama Simply Beautiful, Alabama Canyons The Bankhead Forest, Alabama Outdoors, Garden Views of Decatur and Morgan County, Through the Garden Gate ( a book on the gardens in Huntsville). The book “Live Oaks and Gentle Folks” has many of his photos portrayed amongst some great recipes.

He worked on the opening of the Alabama Scenic River Trail with a core group of dedicated Alabamians that loved the water in the state as much as he did. An avid kayaker he has done many miles in the center of a small boat. His work will appear in Sea Kayaker this March/April Issue.

Charles has been around the world, the love of travel has taken him to far flung areas of the globe. His favorite countries outside of the US include Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia,  Canada, and Italy.

He won the London International first place award with Chuck Creasy of Dye Van Mol and Lawrence out of Nashville. He has won many Addy awards throughout his career.


jose_face.jpgJosé Betancourt

Judge: March 2014

I consider music a large influence in my photographic style. Rhythm, time, silence and syncopation are all a part of my work. My studies in jazz improvisation in college along with the study of the documentary genre of modern photography have inspired me to continue a spontaneous style of taking photographs. 

José has a Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Fine and Studio Arts, Photographyis and is an Associate Professor at University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Muril_Robertson.jpgMuril Robertson

Judge: February 2014

lives and works in Huntsville, Alabama. As a freelance photographer since 1985, Muril as won numerous awards locally, nationally and internationally. His amazing work with landscapes, wildlife incredible Panoramic views are displayed on his website at: http://murilrobertson.com/

JoeFikes.pngJoe Fikes

Judge: January 2014

Joe was trained as a physicist and has recently retired from a career as a scientist specializing primarily in lasers and electro-optics.  For most of those years he pursued photography as a hobby, using 35 mm film and large-format cameras.  He began using Canon digital SLRs exclusively in 2003.  Fikes began exhibiting his photographs in 2007 with his first appearance at the Monte Sano Art Show, and has exhibited at all subsequent Monte Sano Art Show events.  Joe has exhibited at the “Art on the Square” event in Athens, the “Sidewalk Art Stroll” at the Huntsville Botanical Garden, and Guntersville’s “Art on the Lake” where he won first prize in the photography category twice.  His work has been shown at the Huntsville Museum of Art’s “Unique Views of Huntsville” and he has been invited to exhibit twice at the museum’s “Art in Bloom”.  Joe has had one-man shows on three different occasions at the Huntsville Madison County Public Library, most recently during June and July of 2013 by invitation as a participant in their “DiscoverTech” exhibit.  You can usually see one or two of his works close to the Arts Council office in the Von Braun Center.


Cara5.jpgCara Fuller

Judge: November 2013

Cara Fuller teaches photography at Alabama A&M University and Athens State University.  She received her Masters in Fine Art Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design and is originally from East Aurora, New York.  A fine art photographer, she has lately been focusing on documenting the cars of a single abandoned junkyard. Nature versus man is always a theme of her work, but in the latest incarnation, Old Car City, trees snake their way through the intricate grills of classic cars and muscle cars become imprisoned in the forest.

Cara's image gallery


Tony_Triolo.jpgTony Triolo 

Judge: October 2013

Tony Triolo is a commercial, architectural, and fine art photographer. Based in Athens, Tony provides photographic services to all of northern Alabama, concentrating on the cities of Huntsville, Madison, Athens and Decatur. 




Eric Schultz

Judge: September 2013

Eric has been a Photojournalist at The Huntsville Times for many years.

Links: http://eschultz.photoshelter.com/ 


Patrick Oden

Judge: August 2013

A freelance photographer who considers himself a bit of a generalist in his work. He received his first camera, a Pentax K1000, Christmas of his eighth grade year, and has been shooting ever since. Patrick began his professional work in photojournalism, working for a small paper in Utah where he won several awards from the Utah Press Association and the Society of Professional Journalist. He recently relocated to the Huntsville area from Athens, Ohio, where he did his MA in editorial photography at Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication. Patrick’s work now covers about every area of photography, and is equally well known for his dramatic commercial lighting as he is for his visual storytelling.