March 9 Program: Ken Boyd – The Art of the Locomotive

26 Sierra Railroad No. 3B&W

O.K., I have a confession to make. When I first heard about Ken Boyd and his new book, The Art of the Locomotive, I didn’t have really great expectations. At that time, I had not talked with Ken and had not seen any of his work. I had, however, seen a lot of very good train and locomotive photos by many others, so I was expecting this to be just more of the same thing.

(Here comes the humble pie) Well……… “I was very wrong!” There, I said it. When I first looked at Ken’s website and saw his photos of locomotives, and all the other great photos he has there, I was simply blown away. All I could think was, “Boy, this guy is good! We have got to have him do a presentation to HPS.” Fortunately, he agreed my request.

Ken will be at the Huntsville Photographic Society on March 9th at 7:00 pm, to show us some of his work and talk about how he made all those great shots happen. I’ve also ask him to talk some about all the work that was involved in getting his book published. I have asked him to bring along several of his books in case some of us want to purchase one and have him sign it while he is here. I know I want one! His book has received a five star rating and is for sale now on Amazon, if you just can’t wait until he gets here.

I recommend that you check out his website at .   I’m marking March 9th on my calendar to make sure I don’t miss this one. You might want to do that too.

Roger Hunter, HPS Program Officer


Ken Boyd – The Art of the Locomotive

Ken Boyd holds a B.S. degree in chemistry and an MBA and has spent his career working in the electric utility industry.  He has been an avid photographer since the mid-1970s and a train and railroading enthusiast all his life.  Ken has taught photography courses part time at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Samford University since 1985 on subjects such as darkroom techniques, creative digital compositions and photographic processes of the 1800s.   He has traveled extensively over the years to study and photograph locomotives and other historic subjects including watermills and antique vehicles.  He has achieved Master of Photography status through the Shades Valley Camera Club in Birmingham.

Beginning with the new millennia, he embraced and participated fully in the transformation of photographic imaging from film and the wet darkroom to digital capture and the computer.  His approach to photography has evolved over the last four decades and today is totally unique for presenting subjects like the locomotive and other subjects in a very exciting and fresh manner.  He and his wife, Dj, live in Birmingham, Alabama.

His work and his techniques have been published in magazines and journals including Camera and Darkroom, View Camera, Birmingham, Portico, Shutterbug, Shelby Living, Garden Railways, and numerous technical and trade publications and journals, including Power, Power Engineering, and Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Management. His photography has been featured in books entitled, The View Camera, Worthy of Remembrance, a History of Redmont, and Golden Jubilee, a book featuring the history of several Birmingham area Southern Baptist churches. He recently published through Voyageur Press (Quartos Group) an internationally distributed book entitled The Art of the Locomotive.

For more about his work and publications, please visit him at





Dusty Doddridge Workshop

“Digital Darkroom – The Art and Craft of Image Making”
March 14th 2015 (10am-3pm)
Topics include:
Establish a Consistent Workflow
Enhance your Creative Choices
Explore Layers, Masks and Blending Modes
Luminosity Masking Strategies
Creative Sharping Techniques

Register & pay by clicking on the link below. Registration cost for paid-up HPS members is $10 each.  Non Members fee is $20.

Feb 9 Program – “Blueprints, a Collaboration” by Jose Betancourt


I’m sure that many of you were as disappointed as I was when thunderstorms prevented our past October program from happening. Well, I’ve got great news for you! Jose Betancourt has agreed to return on February 9th to present his program that we missed last October. Now you won’t have to feel disappointed any longer.


JosePortrait14Artists’ Statement:
Since 2000 José Betancourt and Susan Weil have worked closely together to develop ways of printing and presenting a body of artwork based on the Cyanotype, also known as the photographic “Blueprint”. Although the Cyanotype is their primary technique, Betancourt and Weil have also worked with Photograms and Van Dyke Brown prints. Their collaborative works can range from personal and autobiographical to formal constructions.

The fragmented canvases and negative space form unique images for the viewer. Betancourt has used visual implications in his panoramic photographs to construct fictional landscapes from multiple continuous frames. Weil also has used multiple shaped panels to investigate time and space. Her retrospective publication by Skira entitled “Moving Pictures” shows this body of work.  Their love of the history of photography and historical techniques has produced one of a kind works that transcend to a contemporary context.

José Betancourt is Professor of Photography at UAH Huntsville’s Department of Art and Art History. He has been working with alternative photographic processes for 20 years and has given workshops on his techniques.  Jose received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida and his Master of Fine Arts degree from the City University of New York- Hunter College.

Aside from his teaching duties José judges photography competitions, artists’ grants and also exhibits his work nationally and internationally. His “Blueprints” work, in collaboration with Susan Weil, is presently traveling the US with stops in Portland, OR, Youngstown, OH, Asheville, NC, Nashville, TN and Tuscumbia, AL.

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Please join us on February 9th as Jose presents his work and talks about this exciting alternative process.

December 8th Banquet and “Best of Year” Competition for photos

Don’t forget the dinner will start at 6:00pm followed by awards presentation.

September 8th Program: Creative Travel Photography by Tom and Pat Corey


IMG_8785We are delighted to welcome back Tom and Pat Corey as our featured speakers for the September program at the Huntsville Photographic Society.  They have given some excellent presentations to HPS in the past and many of us have had the opportunity to participate in some of the workshops they present throughout the year.  Working as a husband/wife team, Tom and Pat have conducted a number of photography workshops locally, nationally and internationally. Their work has been published in a number of magazines including Outdoor Photographer, Delta’s Sky Magazine and Blue Ridge Country.  Tom has had his fine art prints in various exhibits around Chattanooga.  He has recently retired from his Clinical Psychology practice, allowing the Cory’s more time to pursue their passion for photography.

Tom and Pat have had the opportunity to travel extensively during the past year.  As a result of their latest adventures, they have put together an all new program.   They will present “ Creative Travel Photography” to us on September 8th.  In this new program, Tom and Pat will show recent images from such diverse locations as the Palouse area of Washington State, Portugal, and Nova Scotia among others. They will cover such topics as going beyond the postcard, capturing a sense of place, and photographing themes as they discuss the art, technique and equipment used in their travel photography.

Plan now to attend. Tom and Pat have always been a favorite presenter to HPS and we are delighted to have them return.


Juxtaposition Competition

For more information about our judges from last night

Dennis Keim

Michael Green

August 11th Program: “Moment & Light” with Patrick Oden


You probably will want to go ahead and mark your calendar now so you don’t chance missing our next HPS Program Meeting on August 11th.  Patrick Oden will be returning to Huntsville Photo Society for a presentation entitled “Moment & Light”.  Patrick is a dynamic speaker who has been a favorite presenter at HPS in the past and, we are delighted that he is returning for another visit.  This presentation will be exciting for photographers at all levels of experience.  Patrick will talk about building intimacy and conveying feelings through the use of light and moment during street shooting.  Most of us are a little shy and often find it difficult to approach others in this environment.  Patrick will share some of his skills that will make it easier to walk into such surroundings and put some of his ideas to work.  He will, of course, discuss a little about camera settings and lens choices, show and discuss some of his own images, plus talk about how to capture moments and how to read light. If time permits, he may talk about deconstructing an image to better understand the light.

Patrick was introduced to photography at age 13, by Washington D.C. photographer and family friend Dennis Kan.  He has never gotten over his love of the image. After initially deciding to pursue a career in photojournalism, he attended Utah State University where he received bachelor degrees in both journalism and history with a minor in political science.  While there, he received multiple rewards from both the journalism department and the University itself.  While attending Ohio State University, Patrick worked as the university’s photographer before accepting a position with the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he worked as a photographer while overhauling the college’s data asset management system.  During his time in Athens Ohio, Patrick managed to find time to serve as photo editor for “Southeast Ohio Magazine” as well as freelancing for both commercial and institutional clients.  Patrick is now based in the Huntsville, AL area where he works as a visual communication consultant and freelance photographer.  He still finds time to take on design clients and teach several workshops each year.

July 14th Program: Muril Robertson – Taking Your Photography to the Next Level

MurilHeadShot (2)

MurilHeadShot (2)

Most photographers seem to feel the need to constantly improve their work, to get that extra edge or to take their photography to the next level.  Rarely are we completely satisfied with the images that we produce, so we keep trying new techniques or acquiring more equipment or anything we can think of to get our images to that next level.  On July 14th, Muril Robertson is going to share some of his ideas and methods that have worked for him to achieve that next level of success.  His program will address what he has done to hone his photographic skills and the strategies he has used to explore different types of photography.  Muril will also address fundamental photo techniques and show some of his latest images.

Muril is a freelance photographer who enjoys fine art, commercial, and nature photography.   His photography has appeared in National Wildlife’s Nature’s Best Magazine, American Photo, Photo World Magazine of China, Ladies Home Journal, the Washington Post, Hometown Press, Tennessee Wildlife, Alabama Conservation, and Alabama Magazine, as well as art galleries, brochures, catalogues, etc.  His photography was used exclusively in the first three Huntsville Town Planner Calendars as well as for advertising seen in Huntsville on billboards, at the airport, and on TV news sets.  He had the cover photo and several other photos in the 1999 book on Huntsville entitled ‘On the Edge of the Universe’.  He has also won numerous local, national, and international awards. He has received many awards for his photography.  These include a second prize in the 1994 Kodalux sponsored Robert Huntzinger Photo Contest.  He was the featured

U. S. photographer in Photo World Magazine of China, in 1990; with a photo spread of his work featured on the magazine’s center two pages. This issue featured one photographer from each of several countries around the world. 

            He began his photographic work in 1986, and has utilized a variety of camera formats for his work since then.  He prefers 35mm and digital cameras for wildlife, candid portraits, and travel photography; and larger format panoramic equipment for landscapes.  He has specialized in panoramic photography since 1992.  Horizontal panoramics present the world much like we visually view a scene looking from side to side.  He also looks for vertical panoramics, which presents added technical challenges such as keeping the image sharp from front to back, not to mention the challenge in finding compositionally interesting true vertical panoramics.  Most of Muril’s current work utilizes digital technology.  He scans his panoramics and stock 35mm slides, and custom prints many of his own images.  He currently utilizes a digital infrared technique to create interesting compositions in both black-and-white and color infrared.  You can see some of Muril’s images at

Muril_426 (2) Muril_663 (2) Muril_752 (2)

June 9th Program Night – “Close-up and Macro Photography”

SHETLEY_macro 1

WHAT: Close-up and Macro Photography program WHO: Andrea L. Shetley WHEN: Monday, June 9 @ 7 p.m. WHERE: Huntsville-Madison County Library, Monroe Street; Huntsville, Alabama

What is “close-up”? When does it become “macro”? What about “micro”? My macro/micro lens doesn’t get as close as I want it to…what’s wrong with it? My close-up photos are all soft and/or have no depth of field…what happened?

Have you ever had any of these questions? Maybe experienced some of these challenges? Join us on Monday, June 9, to learn all about close-up and macro photography with presenter Andrea Shetley. She will start with defining what we mean by close-up, macro, and micro. Next, she will move into showing examples of different types of lenses and accessories that enable you to get closer to your subject; discuss the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each; and discuss the differences between them. Equipment discussion and demonstration will extend to other important accessories, such as tripods, flashes, and remote shutter releases. Techniques to control lighting and overcome weather challenges also will be shown. At the end, Andrea will present a short slide show of some of her images.

Andrea L. Shetley, FPSA, has been involved in photography for more than 40 years, and 3D photography for 20 years. She uses Pentax DSLR and Panasonic Lumix M4/3 DSLM bodies with an assortment of lens and accessories, Fuji W3 compact digital 3D camera and Cyclopital3D attachments, and a Canon compact digital camera. Andrea is a member of the Huntsville Photographic Society (HPS), Fayetteville-Lincoln County Arts League (FLCAL), Fayetteville Photo Club, Photographic Society of America (PSA), and several 3D photography organizations. She is a past president of HPS, is the current chair of the PSA 3D Division, and has been a Kodak Digital Ambassador. Andrea received the PSA Harold D. Lorimor Award (for leadership in photography), the PSA Stuyvesant Peabody Memorial Award (for significant contribution to pictorial photography), and in 2011 was made a Fellow of PSA (FPSA). She has given many programs and workshops to camera clubs and photography conferences nationwide; and has been published in several magazines (including cover shots). Andrea competes in and judges photography competitions locally, nationally, and internationally; and has received many top awards. Her interests are mostly nature-oriented, with special interests in macro, flowers, and insects (especially praying mantises). Other subjects she enjoys are architecture, abstracts, and black light. Andrea currently resides in rural Fayetteville, Tennessee, with her 11 cats. She is landscaping her farm to create more opportunities for nature photography.

May 26th – Competition Night Topic “Blue Collar”

May 26th Competition night (Memorial day) will be held at Asbury United Methodist Church in Madison. We will meet in Rooms H213/H215. Meeting time 7:00pm

Due to the storms and the closing of the Library for our April Competition, it has been moved to June 30th – topic “Open” and will be held at Asbury United Methodist Church in Madison – 7:00pm. The digital portion has already been judged and members are asked to please submit the images they had originally planned to submit.