April 14th – Dusty Doddridge

April Program – Composition: Art in the Landscape

by Dusty Doddridge

Dusty grew up in West Tennessee where he fell in love with the great outdoors while fishing with his Dad and Grandfather.  In about the year 2000, work and other commitments were keeping Dusty indoors too much so he began hiking and backpacking to get back to his great outdoors.  He began intently photographing his world around 2003.  Although digital was really taking hold at this point, Dusty was still intent on learning film.  He shot a lot of Fuji Velvia and continued learning everything he could about nature and landscape photography.   By 2007, he had finally made the switch to digital and has been loving it ever since.  He especially enjoys the freedom and possibilities that the digital world open up.

His primary end goad is fine prints and he has worked hard to learn the three phases that lead to a successful print: craft in the field, digital darkroom strategies and the craft of printing.  Dusty explained, “I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work and it’s really exciting to connect with other photographers and share what we’ve learned.”

He has photographed all over the world including Iceland, Sweden and America’s wonderful nation parks.  His publications include an e-book about Iceland, an e-book about the Great Smoky Mountains and work with the Tennessee Conservationist.

Dusty’s home base is in middle Tennessee but he conducts tours and workshops throughout the United States and some foreign locations.   You can learn more about his workshops and tours through his Focal Point Academy website at http://www.focalpointacademy.com   You can see more of Dusty’s work at  http://www.dustydoddridge.com 

Dusty’s presentation to HPS will focus on the art of composition, using the elements of 2-D design to construct successful images in the landscape.  If time permits, he will talk about locations, craft in the field and touch on the digital darkroom. Start making plans to attend Dusty’s presentation to the Huntsville Photographic Society on April 14th at 7:00 pm. 

March 10 – Adam Jones



February 10th – Program Night


IMG_3798_799_800_801_802_tonemappedCecil Holmes -

All You Really Need to Know About HDR

Cecil Holmes is an award winning, self taught photographer based in Huntsville, AL.  Due to his love of nature, Cecil mainly focuses on outdoor photography.  He teaches small classroom style workshops both in the Huntsville area and across the southeastern United States.  He strives to teach his students how to get fabulous images at the moment of capture.

On February 10th, Cecil will be delivering a presentation to the Huntsville Photographic Society.  He will be discussing his techniques for HDR photography, and demonstrating how he captures his images.  Cecil then plans to walk us through is HDR processing techniques plus showing us how he does basic editing in Lightroom.  You can see Cecil’s impressive work and get information about his upcoming workshops at





January 27th Competition “Color or Noir”

January’s judge will be Joe Fikes.

January Program

January’s program ”Ansel Adams California Caravan” presenters Joy Henderson, Tom Bryant and Henry Smith had some additonal slides they wished to share.  Ansel Adams California Caravan-PDF



December 9th Banquet and “Best of Year” Competition for photos

Don’t forget the year end banquet starts at 6:00pm Dec 9th, followed by the awards for best of year photos.
The cost for this years dinner will be $15 and Dave McGuiness needs to receive your check by Wednesday, December 4th if you plan to attend.

November Competition (topic “Repetition”) judge Cara Fuller


CaraFullerCara Fuller is having a gallery opening at Lowe Mill Friday Nov 8th.

Sep 9th Program Night – The Journey of a Caver


Follow along with Nathan Williams and Sabrina Simon as they take you on the incredible journey of a caver. Through their imagery you will experience a wonder that few people will ever know. Learn what is involved not only in capturing unique images of the dark abyss but also what must be accomplished just to reach these amazing wonders of nature. Join them to learn about the the dedication, the teamwork, the sacrifices, the trust,and the triumphs that keep these two underground photographing one of the last frontiers as you experience the journey of a caver.

Link to Creative Devices Presentation

Last night we had a wonderful presentation by Patrick Oden on “Creative Devices: An Anylitical Approach to Creativity”. A link to the charts he provided can be found here: http://www.patrickodenphotography.com/hps130812.pdf

Mini Class – Monday Aug 12th at 6:00pm


Cliff Loehr will be presenting Night Photography at the HPS mini class this Monday the 12th at 6PM.