October Program: “An Evening with Larry Perry”

Larry Perry[1] PhotoNationally known wildlife and prizewinning nature photographer, Larry Perry, will be presenting a special program at the Huntsville Photographic Society meeting to be held at the Huntsville-Madison County Library on Monroe Street in Huntsville on Monday evening October 12. Larry’s programs have material in them for everyone, regardless of their photography skill level. The program entitled, “An Evening with Larry Perry” promises to be one the most talked about programs of the year for area photographers. His programs are entertaining, educational and often controversial.

The audience will experience wildlife photographed up close and personal as well as some neat tricks that any photographer can use to really enhance their images to make them “Pop”. Anyone interested in photography is welcome to join the speaker and the club members for this special presentation at 7 pm at the Huntsville-Madison County Library for an evening you won’t forget! (Larry)

If you have ever attended one of Larry’s presentations in the past, you already know that you’re in for a treat. If you have not been to one of Larry’s presentations, then make plans now to attend. You don’t want to be left out because everyone will be talking about this program for a long time. (Roger)

July 13th Program “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”

cartoon-black-and-white-line-drawing-of-a-black-eyed-business-man-wearing-boxing-gloves-by-ron-leishman-10102“Hit Me With Your Best Shot”

Our July program is going to be one that everyone can participate in. This is an opportunity to showcase some of your best work. All you have to do is pick out some of your favorite photos and share them during our meeting on July 13th. There is no category or any limitations at all. Photoshop or any other post processing creativity is encouraged. Anything goes!

Your photos will appear in a slide show during our meeting for all to enjoy.

I would like you to discuss:

*Behind the scene:
Where were you? How did you decide to take this photo? What were the lighting conditions, etc.?8765

*Camera Data:
Camera type, Lens Type, f-stop, Shutter speed, Tripod, Filters, Etc.

*Thought Process:
What were your thoughts about the photo that you were about to create? Did you use any special equipment (fill flash, diffusers, etc.)? Did you use a certain depth-of-field, selective focus, shutter speed to stop the action, etc.?

*Post Process:
Did you use Photoshop, Lightroom or other post processing software? If so, what did you apply to this photo and why?

I need lots of people to participate to make this program a success. It doesn’t matter if you are
a pro or a beginner. Everyone has a few favorite photos and now is the time to share them. I would like everyone to share at least 2-3 photos. This is not a competition. It is just for fun!

Please submit your digital photos to rogerhunter01@bellsouth.net no later than July 10th. Use the same method that you use to submit a competition photo.

*You may submit more than three photos if you wish, and we will show those at the end of the presentation if time permits.

Canon Explorer of Light – Parish Kohanim, June 8th

Parish Kohanim Presentation - Copy

Creative Crud Instructions

Creative Crud Photo Shoot

April 13th Program – Cecil Holmes

April Program: Improving Your Springtime Photos with Cecil Holmes.

Cecil HolmesIt’s finally getting a little warmer. Spring flowers are beginning to come from the ground.   I hear birds singing. This can only mean one thing: Spring is finally arriving! It’s time to dust off those cameras and lens that have been gathering dust all winter and get out there and shoot something. Cecil Holmes is going to be our guest speaker on April 13th and he is going to share some of his tips and techniques to help this be your best year of spring photos yet. Cecil is coming to us fresh off a spring shooting excursion that has taken him from Charlotte, NC to St. Augustine, FL.   Expect him to have some great new landscapes, nature and animal shots to share and talk about. I understand that some of his targets include shore birds and alligators. Not at the same time, I hope.

Cecil is a widely published, self-taught outdoor photographer and workshop instructor based in North Alabama.  His passion for nature and fine art drive his quest to capture the moods, characters and spirits of some wonderful and amazing locations.   Cecil states, “I think photography says as much about the photographer as it does the photograph, so I strive to show you a little about myself and my view of the world in each image I share.”

Some of his published credits and clients include Nature Photographer, Vanguard Photo, American Alpine Club Library and Tamron Lenses.

Cecil teaches small, field based workshops and also offers classroom based instruction near his home. He comes from an IT background so his teaching methods reflect getting a fabulous image at the point of capture and then enhancing that in the digital darkroom.

You can check out his web site at www.cecilsphotos.com.

Join us for this fun and educational program on April 13th. I know I’ll be there.


March 9 Program: Ken Boyd – The Art of the Locomotive

O.K., I have a confession to make. When I first heard about Ken Boyd and his new book, The Art of the Locomotive, I didn’t have really great expectations. At that time, I had not talked with Ken and had not seen any of his work. I had, however, seen a lot of very good train and locomotive photos by many others, so I was expecting this to be just more of the same thing.

(Here comes the humble pie) Well……… “I was very wrong!” There, I said it. When I first looked at Ken’s website and saw his photos of locomotives, and all the other great photos he has there, I was simply blown away. All I could think was, “Boy, this guy is good! We have got to have him do a presentation to HPS.” Fortunately, he agreed my request.

Ken will be at the Huntsville Photographic Society on March 9th at 7:00 pm, to show us some of his work and talk about how he made all those great shots happen. I’ve also ask him to talk some about all the work that was involved in getting his book published. I have asked him to bring along several of his books in case some of us want to purchase one and have him sign it while he is here. I know I want one! His book has received a five star rating and is for sale now on Amazon, if you just can’t wait until he gets here.

I recommend that you check out his website at www.kenboydphotography.com .   I’m marking March 9th on my calendar to make sure I don’t miss this one. You might want to do that too.

Roger Hunter, HPS Program Officer


Ken Boyd – The Art of the Locomotive

Ken Boyd holds a B.S. degree in chemistry and an MBA and has spent his career working in the electric utility industry.  He has been an avid photographer since the mid-1970s and a train and railroading enthusiast all his life.  Ken has taught photography courses part time at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Samford University since 1985 on subjects such as darkroom techniques, creative digital compositions and photographic processes of the 1800s.   He has traveled extensively over the years to study and photograph locomotives and other historic subjects including watermills and antique vehicles.  He has achieved Master of Photography status through the Shades Valley Camera Club in Birmingham.

Beginning with the new millennia, he embraced and participated fully in the transformation of photographic imaging from film and the wet darkroom to digital capture and the computer.  His approach to photography has evolved over the last four decades and today is totally unique for presenting subjects like the locomotive and other subjects in a very exciting and fresh manner.  He and his wife, Dj, live in Birmingham, Alabama.

His work and his techniques have been published in magazines and journals including Camera and Darkroom, View Camera, Birmingham, Portico, Shutterbug, Shelby Living, Garden Railways, and numerous technical and trade publications and journals, including Power, Power Engineering, and Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Management. His photography has been featured in books entitled, The View Camera, Worthy of Remembrance, a History of Redmont, and Golden Jubilee, a book featuring the history of several Birmingham area Southern Baptist churches. He recently published through Voyageur Press (Quartos Group) an internationally distributed book entitled The Art of the Locomotive.

For more about his work and publications, please visit him at kenboydphotography.com.





Dusty Doddridge Workshop

“Digital Darkroom – The Art and Craft of Image Making”
March 14th 2015 (10am-3pm)
Topics include:
Establish a Consistent Workflow
Enhance your Creative Choices
Explore Layers, Masks and Blending Modes
Luminosity Masking Strategies
Creative Sharping Techniques

Register & pay by clicking on the link below. Registration cost for paid-up HPS members is $10 each.  Non Members fee is $20.


Feb 9 Program – “Blueprints, a Collaboration” by Jose Betancourt

I’m sure that many of you were as disappointed as I was when thunderstorms prevented our past October program from happening. Well, I’ve got great news for you! Jose Betancourt has agreed to return on February 9th to present his program that we missed last October. Now you won’t have to feel disappointed any longer.


JosePortrait14Artists’ Statement:
Since 2000 José Betancourt and Susan Weil have worked closely together to develop ways of printing and presenting a body of artwork based on the Cyanotype, also known as the photographic “Blueprint”. Although the Cyanotype is their primary technique, Betancourt and Weil have also worked with Photograms and Van Dyke Brown prints. Their collaborative works can range from personal and autobiographical to formal constructions.

The fragmented canvases and negative space form unique images for the viewer. Betancourt has used visual implications in his panoramic photographs to construct fictional landscapes from multiple continuous frames. Weil also has used multiple shaped panels to investigate time and space. Her retrospective publication by Skira entitled “Moving Pictures” shows this body of work.  Their love of the history of photography and historical techniques has produced one of a kind works that transcend to a contemporary context.

José Betancourt is Professor of Photography at UAH Huntsville’s Department of Art and Art History. He has been working with alternative photographic processes for 20 years and has given workshops on his techniques.  Jose received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida and his Master of Fine Arts degree from the City University of New York- Hunter College.

Aside from his teaching duties José judges photography competitions, artists’ grants and also exhibits his work nationally and internationally. His “Blueprints” work, in collaboration with Susan Weil, is presently traveling the US with stops in Portland, OR, Youngstown, OH, Asheville, NC, Nashville, TN and Tuscumbia, AL.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Please join us on February 9th as Jose presents his work and talks about this exciting alternative process.

December 8th Banquet and “Best of Year” Competition for photos

Don’t forget the dinner will start at 6:00pm followed by awards presentation.

September 8th Program: Creative Travel Photography by Tom and Pat Corey

IMG_8785We are delighted to welcome back Tom and Pat Corey as our featured speakers for the September program at the Huntsville Photographic Society.  They have given some excellent presentations to HPS in the past and many of us have had the opportunity to participate in some of the workshops they present throughout the year.  Working as a husband/wife team, Tom and Pat have conducted a number of photography workshops locally, nationally and internationally. Their work has been published in a number of magazines including Outdoor Photographer, Delta’s Sky Magazine and Blue Ridge Country.  Tom has had his fine art prints in various exhibits around Chattanooga.  He has recently retired from his Clinical Psychology practice, allowing the Cory’s more time to pursue their passion for photography.

Tom and Pat have had the opportunity to travel extensively during the past year.  As a result of their latest adventures, they have put together an all new program.   They will present “ Creative Travel Photography” to us on September 8th.  In this new program, Tom and Pat will show recent images from such diverse locations as the Palouse area of Washington State, Portugal, and Nova Scotia among others. They will cover such topics as going beyond the postcard, capturing a sense of place, and photographing themes as they discuss the art, technique and equipment used in their travel photography.

Plan now to attend. Tom and Pat have always been a favorite presenter to HPS and we are delighted to have them return.