Program Nights

On the first meeting each month, a guest speaker will visit HPS and make a presentation on her or his area of expertise.

July Program – Backyard Bird Photography with John Kirwin

For quite some time, John Kirwin has been bringing some amazing photos to our meetings at HPS. While many of his photos are extraordinary, his bird photos and especially his hummingbird photos often leave us thinking, “WOW, I wonder how he did that?” Finally, we’re going to find out. John has agreed to do a presentation entitled Backyard Bird Photography for HPS on July 8th. John will share some of the special techniques he employs. He will also present some great ideas that everyone can utilize, no matter what our level of photographic expertise.

John has been interested in photography for around 40 years. Although his main interest is wild life and nature photography, he’s always willing and eager to explore all aspects of photography. Like most of us, he’s mainly self taught but has attended many photographic courses and seminars. John has had the good fortune of working as a freelance photographer, mainly in the field of sports, for newspapers, AP and various magazines. John is presently employed at Boeing as a designer for the Space Station, but he has plans to retire in the near future so he can devote even more time to his passion for photography.

June Program – Crush the Composition

Our original speaker Patrick Oden was unavoidably delayed in Atlanta and had to be rescheduled for August.  Roger had a backup plan with the video from Scott Kelby’s Crush the Composition from which we all learned a lot.

May Program– Panoramas – Photoshop & More by Garth Fraser

I am a self taught photographer with a degree in mechanical engineering, and yet my first love was photography. I have been shooting since I was fourteen, starting with the hardest film of the time, Kodachrome II. I have since gravitated to digital cameras, finding the control found within the digital workflow to be intoxicating. I still, from time to time, when I am in a nostalgic mood, bring out the 4×5 and expose a few sheets of film. The smells of the darkroom are an old friend. My love of the craft goes beyond the capture of imagery. I have been an instructor of photography for over 10 years. Hundreds of students have been either inspired or bored to tears by my rambling lectures on composition, lighting and exposure. I read, I study, I view thousands of images and I will never grow weary of the art of photography. My program is going to focus on the use of photoshop to create panoramic images. Along the way we will visit layering, layer masks, work flow and my favorite; contract control. I will take the process of creating a panoramic image from the proper capture of the images, processing in RAW converter, through stitching the images together in Photoshop and final creative processing.

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